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We live in town called Bemidji which is a beautiful city in Northern Minnesota.  Bemidji is known for it's many recreational opportunites and it's close proximety to the the headwaters of the Mississippi River. We’re fortunate to live in a location that offers many options for winter time activities such as: ice fishing, hunting, trapping, snowshoeing, skiing, winter camping, snowmobiling and dog sledding. 

One key element to enjoying the winter weather is to wear garments that are practical and that will keep you warm. Our hand-made beaver fur products were originally designed and made to ensure our own family could be comfortable and warm in the bitter cold of Northern Minnesota. Fur Armor beaver fur products are designed and made to be worn and/or used in all winter weather conditions.

Why beaver fur is an ecological choice of material: The North American beaver is a very virulent adaptive critter. Left unchecked it will cause a large amount of damage and disruption to the natural flow of lakes and rivers. By adopting the mentality that the beaver, like many other animals, are a renewable natural resource and by adopting methods of a sustainable harvest, we can help control the population so that we lessen the conflict between the beaver’s destructive capabilities and land owners.

By humanely harvesting a select number of beaver we are helping to ensure a balance. This natural resource is fully utilized. The fur of the animal is sewn in to garments and the meat is utilized by sled dog owners for consumption by the dogs. The sustainably harvested animal is fully utilized. Not unlike any other domesticated animals such as the cow whose hide is used to make leather goods and meat consumed by humans.

Thank you for visiting. Arm yourself from the cold! Choose Fur Armor!