A comfortable pillow is worth a lot to many people. Here at Fur Armor we offer only the best when it comes to our selection of beaver fur pillows. Like all of our products, our beaver pillows are made of humanely harvested beaver fur. We also offer a variety of different pillows because we know that everyone has different needs and preferences. Some of our beaver fur pillows feature full fur or sheared fur on one side and velvet on the other, and we also offer a pillow that has fur on both sides. We even offer custom beaver pillow options if you want something specific.

If you’re interested in our beaver fur pillows, you can browse our selection here or contact us to discuss custom pillow options.


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Pillow Beaver Full Fur & Fabric 14″x12″

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Pillow Beaver Full Fur & Sheared 14″x14″

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Pillow Beaver Sheared & Fabric 14″x14″

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